Equipment Consultation

Not sure what audio equipment you need?

We’re able to provide you with a list of every piece of equipment you would need to start recording a professional sounding podcast and together we’ll make a detailed plan that will conform to your budget options.

Recording Instructions

Have no idea what does that button do?

Let’s go through all of the pieces in your signal chain, everything from a microphone to an audio interface and show you how to get a healthy recording signal that will ensure the optimal sound quality of your episodes.

Content Curation

Don’t know how to format the show?

Let’s come up with the best content for the target audience you’re looking to appeal to. Everything from the show’s style, format, intro and outro and everything else that will make the listeners sit on the edges of their chairs throughout the episode.

Audio Enhancing

Is the sound quality of an interview you’ve recorded pretty bad?

Let’s get the best out of it by using some of the standard tools of audio engineering, such as: corrective EQ, de-reverberation, gain (volume) increase, etc.

Audio Editing

Is the narration constantly interrupted by long pauses, coughs, filler words and other weird noises?

Thorough audio editing will take care of that. We will ensure that the narrative flows smoothly and seamlessly.

Noise Reduction

Is there a loud fan in the background of your audio?

Noise reduction is a process that will remove/reduce the amount of background noise that is occurring during the interview whether it comes from a fan, air conditioner, traffic or simply a by-product of the audio equipment.


Do you have multiple audio sources and wish to make them sound balanced?

You might want to insert an intro/outro, mid rolls or you just have several different speakers, we’re able to make everything balanced, whether in volume, frequency or dynamic range.


Want to have the episode professionally mastered and ready to be published?

Whether it will be for an analog (for example, radio) or a digital release, we will ensure the audio specifications meet the industry standards for such a release. This process also includes adding an ID3 Tag.

Publication & Distribution

Looking to publish to show and make it visible to potential listeners?

Let’s go through all of the steps needed to launch the podcast and distribute it across all of the streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. Finally, let’s discuss ways you can boost your reach and increase the number of listeners.

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