Nootka Sound is Nominated for the SAE Alumni Awards 2020

SAE Insitute Awards Trophies
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Written by Nemanja Koljaja

Now celebrating their 15th anniversary, the SAE Alumni Awards have become well established and prestigious throughout the creative industries. For the winners, this means additional kudos for their professional careers,” explains Peter Pulfer, CEO of the SAE Alumni Association. “Once again, we are excited to see what interesting entries will be submitted in this year’s competition.”

The SAE Awards 2020 were presented as a video premiere on YouTube on Thursday, June 18th.


The STUDENTS categories are:

Best Audio Project
Best Cross Media Project
Best Film & TV Project
Best Games Programming Project
Best Game Art Project
Best Music Business Project
Best VFX Project
Best Web Project


The ALUMNI categories are:

Best VFX Production
Best Music Production
Best Audio Production (non-music)
Best Film & TV Production
Best Game Production
Best Online Production
Best Start Up


Nootka Sound was one of the three nominees for the Best Start Up, alongside Eleftherios Kouklakis’s Jungle Juice Records and Davina Cochrane’s Project Paranoid. Project Paranoid was voted for the Best Start Up by the judging panel, thus winning the award. Congratulations to Davina on her amazing accomplishment! Congratulations to all of the other winners as well! It’s amazing to see how creative the SAE community is, and I am proud to be a part of the SAE Alumni. You can watch the SAE Awards 2020 here.

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