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most notorious practitioners of

sonic voodoo.

leave your soul at the door and bring all of your audio files.

Our devilish nature inspired us to seek forbidden knowledge of audio production and sacrifice that which is sacred to any living being so we could wield unimaginable power and channel it into our single purpose – podcast production.


Find the right equipment for your podcasting needs.


Remove unwanted noises and make the conversation run smoothly.



Make your audio playback optimally on any device.



Equipment Consultation


Recording Instructions


Content Curation


Audio Enhancing


Audio Editing


Noise Reduction






Publication & Distribution

Let's get that episode live!

Nemanja Koljaja podcast producer and founder of Nootka Sound


Fueled by nightmarish creativity and forces beyond this earthly realm, the goal of this entity is to help you embody the perfect marketing tool and guide you through this path on your way to success.

“We know creating content is vulnerable and we’re here to help you through every step of this path. We are going to encourage you to be the best version of yourself so you can go out there and inspire the world. Podcasting has this profound influence on people. It can be very powerful and motivating. Together we’re going to come up with a perfect message so we let your audience know you’re here and you have something you want to tell them. We’re going to make sure everybody can hear you loud and clear.”

Nootka Sound was founded by Nemanja Koljaja, a professional Podcast Producer, Audio Editor and Sound Engineer.

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