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It’s not just audio. IT’S YOUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD.

Nootka Sound is a professional podcast production facility able to provide you with the highest quality audio engineering and post-production services that will take your show to another level.


Find the right equipment for your podcasting needs.


Remove unwanted noises and make the conversation run smoothly.


Make your audio playback optimally on any device.



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Content Curation


Audio Enhancing


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Nemanja Koljaja podcast producer and founder of Nootka Sound


Nootka Sound was founded by Nemanja Koljaja, a professional Podcast Producer, Audio Editor and Sound Engineer. Nemanja’s extensive work experience comes from a range of audio engineering fields, including, but not limited to: studio recording, live sound engineering and film post-production. He holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours degree in audio production, as well as a C2 Proficiency certificate.


Are you thinking of taking your podcast to a whole new level? 

Our mission is to make the best out of the audio that you recorded, and to teach you how to maximize the reach of your show by unlocking its full marketing potential. Whether you’re a company looking to scale their business or an individual who just enjoys simple conversation, you’ve come to the right place. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and imagine your wildest dream goal. This is where we will achieve that.”

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